Online EMT Training

If you’re interested in becoming certified as an EMT or a paramedic, then online paramedic training is one thing which you may want to explore. Online schools for emergency medical technician and paramedic training provide much of the education necessary to prepare prospective paramedics and emergency medical technicians with the training they need to provide medical care in emergency situations and to sit for the state exams for paramedic certification.

There are online courses available which are geared towards preparing students for EMT – Basic certification as well as intermediate level courses for those who are looking to advance to the next level in their emergency medical career. There are of course also paramedic courses online for emergency medical technicians who are ready to go forward and receive the highest level of certification in the emergency medical profession. Paramedics are required to have a much higher level of education and training since they are licensed to administer more specialized life support and first aid techniques than are emergency medical technicians.

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What you will find in an online paramedic course is audio and video materials as well as written course material and graphics which provide the knowledge needed to prepare students for their paramedic or EMT certification exams. You’ll learn medical terms, basic (and in the case of courses targeted towards those working towards paramedic certification, advanced) life support and first aid techniques. Other topics which may be covered in an online course include instruction in CPR, how to administer oxygen, using a radio to communicate with ambulance dispatchers and hospitals and the proper use of backboards, stretchers and other equipment used in emergency medicine.

While an online paramedic course will provide a great deal of information which is necessary to performing the duties of an emergency medical technician or paramedic, there are some things which cannot be learned from an online course. It is also not possible to meet all of the requirements for state certification as an EMT or paramedic from an online course alone – or even a traditional classroom based course for that matter. Emergency medical technicians and paramedics must also complete a certain number of hours of practical training; in the case of a paramedic, this includes both work in a hospital or other clinical setting as well as a certain amount of time working on an ambulance.

Paramedic training needs to include both classroom and practical training and while only classroom-style instruction can be received from an online course, there are a few advantages to choosing online paramedic training. It may not be possible for every EMT who wants to become a paramedic to take the required courses due to their schedule – but most online courses for paramedic training can be completed on your schedule. It is also usually less costly to take online courses, so if the price of paramedic training at a community college is not a good fit for your budget, then taking part of your instruction online may be a better choice.

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